Banana webinar & panel discussion on 21 October 2020, organised and moderated by Isabelle Schluep

Banana is the most traded fruit worldwide and a staple food for millions of people. However, the Panama and other diseases threaten its cultivation. This has the potential to cause great economic harm, particularly in the exporting countries of Central and South America. Research institutions in cooperation with industry are addressing the problems.

Below the Program:

2020_Program_banana_panel_oct_21_3-5pm_final (PDF, 509 KB)


This webinar and the panel discussion explore:

  • What are the diseases menacing banana plantations and what are the factor that influence them (i.e. climate change)?
  • What are the strategies to address the disease pressure in the banana industry (i.e. role of R&D)?
  • What are the regulatory challenges regarding breeding innovations such as gene-edited bananas?
  • How can the banana industry accommodate the disease pressure, public perceptions and the demand for ‘natural’ fruits by Western consumers?
  • What could be effective solutions for collaboration among the relevant actors from science, business, government, farmer & consumer organizations for a sustainable banana industry?

Recording of the Webinar and Panel Discussion on YouTube

Webinar Presentations:

Challenges of pest pressure in banana plantations
Miguel Dita slides

Miguel _DiTa Banana_PESTs LR (PDF, 40 MB)

Regulation and impact of biotech bananas in Africa
Leena Tripathi slides

Leena Tripathi slides (PDF, 16 MB)

How can the R&D industry support a more sustainable banana production?
Roberto Vega slides

Roberto Vega slides (PDF, 2 MB)

Biotech regulation in Colombia and public perception: Opportunities for the banana industry?

María Andrea Uscátegui slides

Maria Andrea Uscategui slides (PDF, 6 MB)

Is there any hope for gene-edited bananas in the current regulatory environment?

Philipp Aerni

Philipp Aerni slides (PDF, 758 KB)

Collaboration in the banana value chain and biodiversity projects

George Jaksch: oral presentation (see recording on YouTube)