Working Paper Serien

02/13, Janick Christian Mollet, Dragan Ilic
Voluntary corporate climate initiatives and regulatory loom: Batten down the hatches (PDF, 224 KB)

01/13, Erika Meins, Daniel Sager
Sustainability and Risk in Real Estate Investments: Combining Monte Carlo Simulation and DCF (PDF, 871 KB) 

02/12, Peter S. Schmidt, Therese Werner
  Verified emissions and stock prices: Is there a link? - An empirical analysis of the European Emissions Trading Scheme (PDF, 272 KB)

01/12, Janick Christian Mollet, Andreas Ziegler
Is Socially Responsible Investing Really Benefical? New Empirical Evidence for the US and European Stock Market (PDF, 211 KB)

02/11, Ulrich Oberndorfer, Marcus Wagner, Andreas Ziegler
Does the Stock Market Value the Inclusion in a Sustainability Stock Index? An Event Study Analysis for German Firms (PDF, 219 KB)

01/11, Peter S. Schmidt, Urs von Arx, Andreas Schrimpf, Alexander F. Wagner,
Andreas Ziegler
On the Construction of Common Size, Value and Momentum Factors in International Stock Markets: A Guide with Applications (PDF, 465 KB)

03/10, Anselm Schneider, Andreas Georg Scherer
Globalization and the Political Role of Firm: Implications for Corporate Governance (PDF, 287 KB)

02/10, Marco Salvi, Jürg Syz
What Drives Green Housing Construction? -  Evidence from Switzerland (PDF, 574 KB)

01/10, Erika Meins, Anselm Schneider
The Unrecognized Dimension of Corporate Sustainability Assessment (PDF, 145 KB)

05/09, Erika Meins, Holger Wallbaum, Regina Hardziewski, Annika Feige
Sustainability and Property Valuation - A Risk-Based Approach (PDF, 443 KB)

04/09, Andreas Ziegler
Is it Beneficial to be Included in a Sustainability Stock Index? A Panel Data Study for European Firms (PDF, 351 KB)

03/09, Andreas Ziegler, Julia Schwarzkopf, Volker H. Hoffmann
Stated Versus Revealed Knowledge: Determinants of Offsetting CO2 Emissions from Fuel Consumption in Vehicle Use (PDF, 262 KB)

02/09, Niels Holthausen, Erika Meins und Peter Christen
Risiko- und chancenbasierte Integration von Nachhaltigkeitsmerkmalen in die Immobilienbewertung Modellentwicklung zur Gewichtung des ESI-Indikators (PDF, 440 KB)

01/09, Christoph Böhringer, Ulf Moslener, Ulrich Oberndorfer, Andreas Ziegler
Clean and Productive? Empirical Evidence from the German Manufacturing Industry (PDF, 166 KB)

05/08, Andreas Ziegler
Disentangling Specific Subsets of Innovations: A Micro-Econometric Analysis of their Determinants (PDF, 237 KB)

04/08, Andreas Ziegler, Urs von Arx
The Effect of CSR on Stock Performance: New Evidence for the USA and Europe (PDF, 240 KB)

03/08, Andreas Lange, Andreas Löschel, Carsten Vogt, Andreas Ziegler
On the Self-serving Use of Equity in International Climate NegotiationsWP 2008/03 (PDF, 216 KB)

02/08, Andreas Ziegler, Jazmin Seijas Nogareda
Green Management and Green Technology - Exploring the Causal Relationship (PDF, 189 KB)

02/07, Werner Hediger
Framing corporate social responsibility and contribution to sustainable  evelopment (PDF, 311 KB)