International Fintech Competition "Chengdu 80" among leading universities_CCRS Team

We are pleased to announce that the CCRS team at the University of Zurich has won a prize in the student competition of SWUFE University in Chengdu, China (2nd place behind Singapore University and ahead of Berkeley, Hong Kong University and Tsingua University).

CD80 Award

(source: SWUFE & CDAR 2020)

As part of the SWUFE & CDAR 2020 annual fintech conference, Chengdu 80, a fintech design and development competition, ended on 30th Oct 2020. The team “SUISCORN” representing University of Zurich won the second prize in this global competition, mentored by Phillip Aerni, the Director of the center for corporate responsibility and sustainability as well as senior researcher Jiang Shan. Other participants include University of California, Berkeley, Tsinghua University, University of Hong Kong, etc.

Participants are required to utilize machine learning, UX design and other technologies to design a fintech product within 80 hours. The “SUISCORN” team, which represented the University of Zurich comprised 6 students from University of Zurich and ETH, who developed a prototype promoting the development of sustainable finance. As the fintech industry grows substantially in both developed and emerging economies, this competition has built a platform for international talents to exchange ideas in finance, technology and governance.

Video show of the final prototype

Video-2-Final-3 (MP4, 166 MB)

Annette Ewurama Schmid