Jovana Dikovic

Jovana Dikovic, Dr.

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin / Researcher

Dr. Jovana Dikovic has been a research associate at the CCRS since September 2021. She is an economic anthropologist specialized in the rural Balkans. In her extensive fieldwork research in Kosovo, Serbia, and the Greek-Albanian border, she has examined rural transformations resulted from political and economic turmoil and post-war social reconstruction. Dr. Dikovic studies how microeconomics, local cultures, values, and ideas skew the course of the state plans for agriculture and rural development, and how they affect the institutionalized idea of change. In CCRS, Dr. Dikovic has commenced research on the outcomes of development projects in rural Kosovo. In the ongoing project The Graveyards of Development Projects: Why they fail and how can it be prevented? Dr. Dikovic will conduct ethnographic research aiming to detect crucial obstacles in the sustainable implementation of development projects in agriculture and provide needed reflections that may influence their better integration in the local environments in the future.