Journal Articles

Marianthe Stavridou in ATDF 2017

Januar 2016, Philipp Aerni, Karin Nichterlein, Stephen Rudgard, Andrea Sonnino
Making Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) Work for Development in Tropical Countries
in Sustainability 2015

Februar 2016, John Howells, Joachim Scholderer
Forget unlearning? How an empirically unwarranted concept from psychology was imported to flourish in management and organisation studies
in Management Learnings

Mai 2015, Philipp Aerni, Florabelle Gagalac, Joachim Scholderer
The role of biotechnology in combating climate change: A question of politics?
in Science and Public Policy

Mai 2015, Erika Meins, Daniel Sager
Sustainability and risk: Combining Monte Carlo simulation and DCF for Swiss residential buildings
in Journal of European Real Estate Research

November 2014, Janick Christian Mollet, Andreas Ziegler
Socially responsible investing and stock performance: New empirical evidence for the US and European stock markets 
in Review of Financial Economics, 2014, 23(4): pp. 208-216

Embracing ambiguity - Lessons from the study of corporate responsibility throughout the rise and decline of the modern welfare state
In Business Ethics: A European Review

Oktober 2013, Dragan Ilic
Marginally Discriminated: The Role of Outcome Tests in European Jurisdiction
In European Journal of Law and Economics 2013, 36(2): 243-269

Oktober 2013, Philipp Aerni
Resistance to agricultural biotechnology: The importance of distinguishing between weak and strong public attitudes
In Biothechnology Journal 2013, 8: 1129-1132 

August 2013, Anselm Schneider
Embracing ambiguity - Lessons from the study of corporate responsibility throughout the rise and decline of the modern welfare state
In Business Ethics: A European Review (forthcoming)

August 2013, Anselm Schneider
Reflexivity in sustainability accounting and management - Tackling the democratic deficit of corporate sustainability
In Journal of Business Ethics (forthcoming)

Juli 2013, Anselm Schneider & Andreas Georg Scherer
Corporate Governance in a Risk Society
In Journal of Business Ethics (forthcoming)

Juli 2013, Janick Mollet, Urs von Arx, Dragan Ilic
Strategic Sustainability and Financial Performance: Exploring Abnormal Returns
In Journal of Business Economics 2013, 83: 577-604

May 2013, Ulrich Oberndorfer, Peter S. Schmidt, Marcus Wagner, Andreas Ziegler
Does the Stock Market Value the Inclusion in a Sustainability Stock Index? An Event Study Analysis for German Firms.
In Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (forthcoming)

March 2013, Dragan Ilic
Spatial and Temporal Aggregation in Racial Profiling
Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics 149(1): 27-56

Juni 2012, A.G. Scherer, D. Baumann-Pauly, Anselm Schneider
Democratizing corporate governance: Compensating for the democratic deficit of corporate political activity and corporate citizenship.
In Business and Society (forthcoming)

Mai 2012, Anselm Schneider, Erika Meins
Two dimensions of corporate sustainability assessment: Towards a comprehensive framework.
In Business Strategy and the Environment. 21: 211- 222.

Mai 2010, Erika Meins, Holger Wallbaum, Regina Hardziewski, Annika Feige
Sustainability and Property Valuation: a risk-based approach
In Building and Research Information.

Juli 2009, Holger Wallbaum, Erika Meins

Nicht-Nachhaltiges Planen, Bauen und Betreiben - Aus guten Gründen (noch) die Praxis in der Bauwirtschaft? (PDF, 520 KB)

in Bauingenieur

Januar 2009, Andreas Ziegler, Jazmin Seijas Nogareda

Environmental management systems and technological environmental innovations: Exploring the causal relationsship (PDF, 89 KB)

in Research Policy